Proud Ye ye

two beautiful boys.jpgMy two beautiful boys.

"Ye ye"is mandarin for grandpa and yes I am obviously a very proud grandpa. I'm "Grampy".
This weekend I got even more proud with the arrival of my first grandson, Drake Shaw Perry, 8lbs. 5 oz, a strapping young fellow. Looks just like me. Basically.

I never knew a grandpa. My maternal grandfather, Angelo Dante Guiseppi Nanelli died  at 42 well before I was born. My father's dad, Howard Elmer Perry, I didn't meet until we moved here from Australia. I was 12 years old and "Grampy" was a handsome old vegetable in a chair. I'm pretty sure he never said two words to me. So I am going to have to make the whole grandpa thing up as I go along. I think I am doing fine with Violet so I should be fine with Drake.

I'll keep you posted whether you like it or not.

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