Today is Violet's birthday!

Happy birthday to my darling granddaughter Violet. Grampy loves you even with a dirty face. I love this photo.
Violet w dirty face.jpgOf course the joy of having Violet is complicated because of the loss of Spike. Some people say I am "lucky". I have given this a lot of thought and I agree. I am lucky. How can I look at Violet and not consider myself lucky? But not far behind the joy of Violet is the grief of Spike.

Spike smile.jpgI often think how much I am amazed at my ability to deal with what life has thrown at me. But I have become resigned to the situation and I intend to make the most out of the rest of my life as Spike would insist.
But the important thing today is Violet's birthday so I am going to keep that in the front of my thoughts today and look forward to seeing her tonight for her party.
abc.jpgI love this photo. It's Valentine's Day and to me it looks like Violet is looking in the heart shaped box and thinking " What the fuck! I thought there was supposed to be candy in here."

Happy birthday Violet !!!!!!!

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