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Blog entry 5-2-14


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This was an interesting week. I was working very hard Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I flew down to San Francisco to give a lunch talk at St. Francis Yacht Club. SFYC is by far my most favorite YC. They have always made me feel very welcome and I had had the privilege of attending two of their Tinsley Island Stag Cruises. This is a marvelous four day event on a private YC owned island up in the Sacramento River delta.


Wednesday I got up at 4am, drove to the airport, checked my ticket and saw that my flight was at 8:40! So it was a long day for me. But SFYC was generous and flew me first class so I was comfortable. I was picked up by Ron Young in his fancy Mercedes 500 SL sports car. Ron drove me, very quickly, to the YC. There I met Wayne Shen who was to be my guest for the event. I met Wayne on Facebook and he is one of a growing group of Taiwanese sailors that I have become friends with. I now belong to the FBYC and as far as I can see I am the only non native Mandarin speaker in the club. But, "Wo ce ce can" I do my best.

Wayne is a very active SF sailor who does a lot of teaching. Wayne owns one of my Tayana 37's.  He's a great guy and very involved the the emerging sailing scene in Taiwan.


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I was also met at the club by a whole group of old friends. Most I had not seen in years so it was a real treat to see them again. There were quite a few members there that owned my boats. My talk went very well. I have the knack for that. But these days, after losing Spike, I can often at any moment go into "full panic" mode. It's not fun and while I used to laugh when people mentioned "panic attacks" I will never laugh at them again. They are very real. But thank God the day went without any panic issues and I felt totally comfortable and at ease giving my talk. Wayne drove me to the airport and I was home by 8pm. Long day. Very satisfying day.


Seattle Yacht Club contacted me last Sunday and asked if I would come down and give a talk at SYC. I told them that the chance of that was very unlikely. SYC is not SFYC. While I have some great friends who are SYC members the club has not treated me well over the years and I can't see spending half a day to go there and entertain them.


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The other interesting this going on this week has been the installation of solar panels on the roof of my beach shack. It should be completed today and I'll report back later on the success of the system. I am hopeful that it will be as efficient as I have been told.


That's about it. I am going sailing with Kim on Sunday for a photo shoot with my pal Neil Rabinowitz. Neil is as good it gets when it comes to marine photography and I have known Neil for many years. Neil will be shooting for two magazines, SAILING and the German magazine, YACHT. Kim is not wild about the publicity but he is doing this as a favor for me so my work will get more exposure. There is no question that I would love to see more SLIVER type boats get built to my designs.


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Sail safely. Sail quickly.

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