Many thanks folks!

Thanks for all the kind and encouraging words about my early drawings. They were labors of love.  The "client" names you see in some of the title blocks are usually names of my friends or people I made up. I was trying to look "official".
People have been asking if the drawings are for sale or are prints available. Yes on both counts. The original will sell for $2,500 each and prints can be had for $100 a print. While I am not keen to part with the originals I'd rather see them mounted and framed rather than just to roll them up and stick them back in a tube in my archives to be forgotten again.

I'm thinking about my next blog entry. I have received some requests to tell the entire NIGHT RUNNER story. It's a good story and an ongoing saga. I usually write my pieces in my head while walking my dogs. A few more dog walks and I'll be ready to write about NIGHT RUNNER.

night runner swift 2.jpg

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